The oils factory CORTIJO LA LABOR LTD was born in Puente del Obispo-Baeza in the heart of the province of Jaén from the hands of its owner Juan Félix Ruiz Catena (CEO), a neighbor of the town of Baeza, well known for his faultless business career, for Our Almazara passes the Guadalquivir river watering those lands and their olive trees that flow bright green oil with intense fruity aromas of fresh olives. Where its people with patience, dedication and effort each year bring us to our oil mill one of the most important products of our Mediterranean diet and thus our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born “HACIENDA LA LAGUNA”.

When we begin to grind our green olives in our Almazara we discover how the oil begins to form with intense green colors full of light, herbaceous, bitter and slightly spicy flavors, in turn fruity that concentrate to give intense aromas of tomato, banana, apple, others like artichoke, green grass and so on, they slowly ripen more and more, until they reach that yellowish green color with sweet and unctuous flavor.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only Vegetable fat in the world that can be consumed without having to go through chemical processes, one could clearly say that we have before our eyes and in our hands 100% natural olive oil juice.


Camino de la Laguna, s/n 23529 · Puente del Obispo · Baeza (JAÉN)
T.: 953 765 100 · info@haciendalalaguna.es

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