Our Oil Factory is inside of the OLEOTURISM development  program in order to bring our tourism to nature, our fields and fruits etc. It is currently visited by many travelers who come to know the cities of Baeza and Úbeda, which are World Heritage Cities, once the traveler arrives in our lands he is completely shocked to see before his eyes so many fields full of olive trees perfectly placed, asymmetrical, in perfect state of conservation as if they were flowerpots carefully taken care of by any housewife, hence their great interest in entering the world of olive groves, their oils and customs.

The Oil Factory (Almazara in Spain) CORTIJO LA LABOR is very close to the largest natural reserve of fresh water that is located in the province of Jaén, in the Guadalquivir Valley, next to the adjoining Hacienda La Laguna to which it belonged, is known by the name of LA LAGUNA GRANDE, hence, that our EVOO receives the name of HACIENDA LA LAGUNA Oil. Its waters were used for irrigation in the past, it is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and to a lesser extent by white poplars, holm oaks, ash trees and some acacia in isolation. It also has a varied fauna of waterfowl, non-aquatic, mammals and amphibians.

Also very close to our oil factory, just 2 km away, we find the Oil Museum, where our visitor can learn how the oil of our appreciated fruit was formerly extracted.

All this makes our oil mill of great interest for the tourism that comes to our lands and thus to know our centenary olive trees, the Laguna Grande, the Museum of Oil and our most modern and innovative Almazara, all this visit is carried out by a company of de Baeza called Tourist Services El Populo.

Camino de la Laguna, s/n 23529 · Puente del Obispo · Baeza (JAÉN)
T.: 953 765 100 · info@haciendalalaguna.es

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