Our oil factory CORTIJO LA LABOR SL, where we make our oils, is located in the heart of the province of Jaén, strategically located very close to our farms where all our olives are milled, it is located on the national road that connects Baeza with Jaén in order to have quick access to all the logistics of the purchase of olives from our nearby neighbors, material supply, merchandise delivery, etc.

In our oil factory we have the most advanced means of cleaning, grinding and extracting oil and a warehouse for the storage of 6000 tons of oil.

We also have a large number of containers that we distribute for all our customers in order to carry out the porting of these olives to our oil factory.

Once our oils have been selected, we separate our highest quality oils, they go to our bottling plant where we first pack our early oils called PREMIUN and then our Virgin Extras AOVES with the trademark HACIENDA LA LAGUNA.

  The rest of the worst quality oils with some impurities are sold in the national market to refineries that chemically process them and mix them to produce the so-called VIRGIN OIL.

Camino de la Laguna, s/n 23529 · Puente del Obispo · Baeza (JAÉN)
T.: 953 765 100 · info@haciendalalaguna.es

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